A semi-truck barreled into a crowd of thousands of George Floyd protesters marching on a closed interstate near downtown Minneapolis on Sunday night.

Video showed the massive rig speeding down the I-35W bridge at about 6pm local time as protesters taking up all lanes of traffic fled out of its path.

It did not appear that the truck hit anyone before it came to a stop in the middle of the road.

Protesters were seen approaching the cabin and pulling the driver onto the roadway.

Photos showed a white man believed to be the driver covered in blood on his face and shirtless torso as protesters handed him over to police officers working to contain the situation.

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety (MDPS) said the driver, who was not named, was placed under arrest before being taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Authorities said the driver’s motives were unclear but his actions appeared to be deliberate.

Interstate 35 was closed on Sunday as hundreds of peaceful protesters gathered to march south across all 10 lanes of traffic.

It’s unclear how the semi-truck, which appeared to be an oil tanker, managed to gain access to the roadway.

The truck was traveling northbound when it came upon the demonstration and maintained a high speed as protesters screamed and scattered.

A witness said the truck was blaring its horn and showed no sign of stopping as it neared the crowd.

‘You heard a horn,’ the unnamed witness told KARE 11. ‘It was barreling into that crowd and they were separating, just parting, thankfully.’

After the truck came to a stop, several protesters approached and pulled the male driver out of the front seat.

MDPS said the driver was injured but did not offer any specifics about the confrontation with protesters.

Minnesota Gov Tim Walz said of the incident: ‘Law enforcement responded immediately. Had to clear the bridge. Incident underscores the volatile situation we have, don’t know motives of the driver at this time. At this point in time to not have tragedy and many deaths is an amazing thing.’

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