When it comes to all of the weight that’s behind the cargo you see navigating around the roadways, just because the trucks have a good set of brakes behind them doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re going to be able to stop on a dime. All of that heat and friction tends to build up and create tough situations for big trucks to come to a stop. Luckily, In order to counteract these phenomena, there have been measures put into place by those who designed the roads to make sure that, should a truck be left rolling without any stopping power, that they don’t end up doing big time damage and possibly end up injuring themselves amongst others on the roadways.

This time, we get an up-close view as a 32-ton truck is seen barreling out of control and demonstrates to us exactly why semi truck runaway ramps exist. From the clip here, We can see the truck bearing down on other motorists and cutting cars off in traffic, all because it simply can’t stop! In a situation like this, the driver is almost helpless to keep control of his rig.

Check out the video down below as several people closely escape death as this truck comes to a screeching halt in the gravel pit that was put in place for situations exactly like this. A scene that plays out like this one is exactly why, if you see a big rig barreling down on you, that you should probably take the liberty of getting out of the way assuming that their brakes are quite cooperating.


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