A quick-thinking driver was caught on camera narrowly missing a young boy after he sprinted out into the road. The incident, which was recorded on a passing truck’s dashcam, earlier this year.

In the clip, the child gets off of a bus with a number of classmates. He then bolts across the road as the bus leaves – leaving him in the tracks of an oncoming lorry.
Truck driver who recorded the incident, is heard sounding his horn as the child runs.
A little girl, who had followed the boy into the road, is seen freezing in fear as the lorry narrowly misses her classmate. Truck Driver said: ‘I saw what was about to happen, but there was little I could do.
‘I saw over the roof of the bus the truck was heading at it at a great speed. ‘I blinked my lights and horn to alert the traffic and young people.’ He added that he had released the video as a warning for other children.

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