Troopers with the Florida Highway Patrol are going after tow truck drivers who show up to a crash scene and offer to tow someone’s car. The crackdown applies to tow truck companies that show up to crashes uninvited to generate business before investigators even arrive. Gustavo Blanco Gallo was arrested Monday and his King’s Towing tow truck was itself towed to impound.

“They solicit business from people who are vulnerable. They’ve just been in a crash. They may not know what to do, it’s their first crash. And the problem is, there’s no checks and balances,” said Lt. Kim Montes with the Florida Highway Patrol. Troopers say that in such cases,the drivers are not just trying to tow your car; they want to repair damage, too. “A lot of times, these solicitation companies are working with collision companies or owned by collision companies and these are the ones that are soliciting,” Montes said.

“That driver may pay for it with higher prices or getting scammed.” FHP wants drivers to know tow truck or car repair companies should not be showing up at a crash scene — unless the driver has called them first. Troopers said drivers should wait until a trooper or an officer arrives on scene and gives the driver the number of an approved towing company.

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