he weekend snowfall made traveling difficult on interstate roads. Lincoln was able to elude a heavier snowfall, but other areas of the state were hit hard, receiving as much as 12 inches of snow.

“I saw multiple trucks, I saw three roll overs and eight others off to the side,” said Ted Violanti. The weekend snowstorm didn’t stop truck drivers like Violanti from hitting the road. He was on his way back to Kansas City from the western part of the state when the storm hit.

“When we crossed the border is when it started up. Sidney is where it got really bad. Strong crosswinds, heavy snow and ice. One of the lanes was pretty iced over for a while,” said Violanti. Violanti, who has 37 years of experience, says the toughest part of driving through the storm was dealing with the high wind gusts, which caused issues for many. “It was pretty rough, some of the cross winds were probably 15 to 25 mpg gusts and I got pushed over a few times. You have to keep your hands on the wheel,” said Violanti.

Another driver, Darren Kastl, had a similar experience driving in from Des Moines. “While I was traveling through Des Moines I probably saw 10 to 12 semis and 12 to 15 cars in the ditch coming through,” said Kastl. Both drivers say, when the storm gets too heavy, sometimes it’s best to pull over and put safety first.

“When it’s like that you gotta know when to get off the road. There are times when enough is enough,” said Kastl.

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