Some truck drivers who got their commercial drivers license, or CDL, at Luzerne County Community College may need to retake their test.This comes after PennDOT said it found an examiner for the school was violating the rules.Anthony Young of West Virginia was doing some safety checks on his tractor-trailer at a rest stop near Nuangola. He said being a professional driver can be a great career.”It’s good for a kid that doesn’t have a job, didn’t go to college, he can get out and make a decent living if he’s willing to work. If you’re lazy you’re not going to make it, but if you’re willing to get out and run, you’ll make a good living,” Young said.That’s exactly what made some students sign up for the professional truck driving program at Luzerne County Community College in Nanticoke.Now, PennDOT is making some of those students re-take their CDL test, which is needed to drive tractor-trailers.“One of our employees who was an examiner for the CDL program was made aware that his certification to examine CDL applicants was being suspended,” Director of Safety Bill Barrett said.That employee used to be certified to give the CDL test at LCCC, as opposed to students going to PennDOT. Now, the college said that examiner is under investigation by PennDOT because of testing violations. That employee is still working as an instructor for the school.LCCC officials said at least 45 people may have to re-take the CDL test.In the meantime, the school is trying to prepare those people as best they can.“We have several instructors that are right now working and teaching students. That hasn’t changed,” Barrett said.Professional drivers like Young said taking the test for your CDL is not easy.“You need to get out and practice your pre-trip, be able to check everything on the truck, your brakes, trailers, air brakes. I mean, your horns, blinkers, you’ve got to remember all that. They’re pretty tough about it,” Young said,The college said it will have free support classes seven days a week to help those students who have to take the CDL test again.

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