Two huge trucks carrying almost two million pounds of cargo went off the road in Texas on Monday. Due to their weight and enormous size, the trucks have been blocking all traffic on the highway for the entire week. Two trucks are required to haul a load of that size. The oversized trucks are connected by an enormous trailer which was reportedly carrying a generator bound for San Antonio.

It was on Highway 185 near Victoria, Texas that the incident occurred. According to John Clegg, the owner of the trucking company, the steering mechanism on the rear carrier failed and the truck “basically drove itself into the ditch.”

All of the northbound lanes were blocked by the oversized load.

Initially, the Victoria County Sheriff’s Office claimed that the road would be cleared the next day, but that turned out to be more difficult than they expected. Getting 1.8 million pounds of truck back onto a road is not easy.

On Wednesday, a large industrial crane showed up to try and get the carrier back onto the road, but even that wasn’t enough. The Victoria County Sheriff’s Office now says that the road will remain blocked through at least Thursday.


Crews are on scene working hard but it will continue to take time due to the size and scope of the job to remove it. As it stands, the Bloomington Highway will remains shut down through Thursday. Due to the load weighing in at almost 2 million pounds, a large capacity crane is on scene now.

Continue to follow the following: 🚧

TxDOT has placed sign boards south of Bloomington and at Hwy 185 and FM 1686 providing instruction about detour routes. Unfortunately, many motorists dismissed the detour on FM 616 and opted to continue north to FM 1686. This caused FM 1686 to be backed up with traffic from HWY 87, all the way to Hwy 185 yesterday evening. With the continued road closure expected to last for another day at least, we would like to prevent this delay for travelers and recommend the following:

⚠️ If you are travelling towards Victoria from any location near or south of Hwy 35, please take Hwy 35 to Hwy 87, instead of using Hwy 185.

⚠️ If you are travelling from the area of Bloomington, use FM 616 to cross over to Hwy 87, as the onramp at Placedo is a safer option than crossing Hwy 87 at FM 1686.

⚠️ FM 1686 should only be used by motorists who work or live in that general area.

By following this route advice, much of the delay and frustration can be avoided. While we know that this blockage is an inconvenience, we ask that motorists be patient and courteous. Please continue to check the VCSO Facebook page for updates. Be safe out there!

BLOOMINGTON HIGHWAY UPDATE: 🚨🚨🚨Crews are on scene working hard but it will continue to take time due to the size and…

Posted by Victoria County Sheriff's Office on Wednesday, November 28, 2018

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