I’ve never seen this before. This is a UPS driver backing up a set of doubles right next to my truck……I’m a Yard Shifter at UPS (Texas).. My Father just retired 25 years safe driving at UPS and I have guys tell me stories about him backing doubles… I’ve only been driving 1 year (on the yard), but my job is to drive backwards.. I can back circles around the building if i wanted, and put a 35ft or a 28ft in a 6 inch gap on each side no problem (we have to do that to park inside the building on the airdocks).. but when it comes to backing a dolly, on the back of a pup, it gets away fast and there is alot of swinging to do.. I can’t imagine a double set with 6 pivot points.. thats YEARS of experience, and the only way you get that experience is BALLS! “GOD Bless The Unions” is right! As my father always said about backing doubles, “6FT back, 2FT Forward… Keep the dolly straight… Repeat…”. Some other things he said was, “Use ALL of the room available to you, no one will complain”, “The first rule of backing is DON’T BACK”, and “If it doesn’t look like you just pulled out of it… You ain’t gonna back it in there!” :)

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