With no experience, swapping out a tire could prove to be an ordeal, but when we watch this video, we get a feeling that the gent pictured has done this at least a couple of times. Being able to swap out a tire on the fly like this is definitely something that I could see coming in handy as he doesn’t even have to take the time and effort to take the whole wheel and tire off and put it on an expensive machine to get that tire changed out, saving himself time and money in the process by putting a little bit of elbow grease to use.

We watch and learn as he’s off to the races, changing out an old tire with a new one quicker than you can blink an eye! It really is quite impressive to watch as this guy uses his skill and expertise along with a little bit of finesse to get that thing seated just right before throwing in some air pressure to top everything off, it’s off to the races as this hand done job makes the task look like a walk in the park when really, I’d imagine it takes lots of practice to make perfect when you’re tackling a task like this one.

Check out the video below that gets it all done in a matter of less than a minute as this guy applies his best techniques to getting the job done as quickly and smoothly as he can. Do you think that you could swap out a tire faster than this or are you going to give this guy a big hats off as the king of changing tires? I most certainly know that I have absolutely nothing to compete with a display like this when it comes to changing out tires.


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