It took crews about two hours to get that cement truck driver out of the truck.. police say the truck rolled over after part of the bridge gave-way. It happened just before nine Tuesday morning at the Howe Estates Trailer Park. Residents flocked to the scene after hearing a loud crash. These neighbors caught it on camera with home surveillance. “He shows me video of the dag-gum thing just rolling over,” said residents Robyn Jeter and David Phares. “And I knew they were suppose to get that thing fixed in the beginning and they haven’t and now this happens.” A Hope Cement Company truck driver was pinned inside. Police and paramedics rushed in to free the man, whose name hasn’t been released.

“We were able to stabilize the vehicle enough to where we could get the driver out,” said Howe Police Lt. Michael Hill. “And he’s been care flighted to a local hospital from what I hear he’s going to be in good shape.” Neighbors said they’re not surprised the bridge collapsed, calling it a ticking time-bomb. “If 911 gets called out here they can’t cross that,” said Jeter and Phares. “They have to walk because it’s a safety hazard, supposedly, that’s what we heard.” “It’s been cracked ever since I got here two years ago since I’ve lived here,” said resident Ricardo Mendoza. “And they were told to not go over it anymore because of the crack and might go over it and low and behold.” Howe Police said the next hurdle is getting the over 40-thousand pound truck out of the creek. “It is full of concrete right now,” Lt. Hill said. “We’ve got multiple heavy duty wreckers on scene trying to get this thing flipped over. I believe the company of the concrete truck has a crane here to assist if needed.” The trailer park management declined to comment on camera but tell me they’re unsure why that bridge gave-way.

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