This is the terrifying moment a delivery driver survived a horror car crash after falling asleep at the wheel of his work van. The Ukranian man was left hanging out of the side of his van after the smash ripped a huge chunk out of his vehicle and almost launched him onto the road. As the van was sent spinning in a crumpled heap, the driver came to and looked around in complete bewilderment.

Other commuters got out of their cars to help, but the delivery man seemed too startled to move. CCTV showed his van veering across the road before smashing into the oncoming truck. The delivery man was driving along a road in the village of Mylushi in the Lutsk district of Ukraine on the morning of August 28. Cameras show how the Renault crept across the central line straight into the path of an old blue truck, which was towing a trailer with a digger.

The blue truck carrying a driver an two passengers was seen trying to swerve out of the way at the last moment – but the two vehicles collided. Both men somehow escaped without serious injury from the crash. Witness Zil Nicholas said: ‘The driver was going from Lutsk to Kovel. I saw that the driver was moving strangely and crashed into the oncoming vehicle.’We think that he had fallen asleep while he was driving. Paramedics from the State Emergency Service of Ukraine arrived shortly after the collision and took the driver and passenger to hospital.

A spokesman said: ‘According to the preliminary information, there are no d**ths. Passengers were hospitalised, all of them were conscious after the incident.’

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