Several protesters were arrested yesterday at the Mountain Valley Pipeline staging site in Beaver, West Virginia. The protest was organized by a group called “Appalachians Against Pipelines”. The group argues that the Mountain Valley Pipeline is doing damage to the local water supply and ecosystems.

According to WOAY, protesters blocked trucks from moving in and out of the staging site for about an hour.One protester, Ethan Wilton of Kentucky, chained himself to one of the trucks hauling a load of pipe to prevent it from moving in or out of the work site. Wilton said while chained to the truck, “The UN says we have 12 years to save this planet. I take action today because nobody else will; because I want to have a tomorrow. I no longer have any other options.”

#breakingChaotic scene at the Mountain Valley Pipeline staging site as protestors stopped one of the trucks and demanded the driver get out. During that time, one of the protesters chained herself to the back of the truck. Several protesters were arrested.

Posted by WVVA News on Monday, October 22, 2018

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