This truck driver FAILED at a right hand turn in Chicago. i drove trucks for a long time. i got out of the game for a few years and im fixing to get back in. id like to know why he(or she) is doing what they are doing. i drove city for a long ass time. i had some fucked up experiences. pardon my language but thats the only word can use sometimes, one time i was delivering some construction material in manhattan. yes, that manhattan. new york city. i read my directions a little wrong. the job site was on the opposite side of the street from where i was supposed to be. the foreman told me to take a right at the next intersection. i tookj his direction literally. instead of going up to the next light i turned down an alley!! i made the turn and got my truck and trailer down the way but realized it was super tight. i had to literally stop the truck and pull my mirrors in or i wouldve ripped them off the truck!! it was so tight that i was album to put my arm out of the window and touch the brick walls of the alley it was scary!! well i made it out in one piece. i know there were people starting me down like this dude film is watching the driver try to make this turn. hey, sometimes you fuck up or you are stuck with a situation that you have no other choice. it happens if you drove rigs youd understand.

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