As everyone knows I was in a pretty bad “fender bender” yesterday in my log truck. Today I stand here to tell you that it’s nothing short of a miracle that I’m still here. I should’ve died yesterday literally, there’s no reason that my friends and family shouldn’t be planning my funeral today!!!!!!!!!

Just like Bro David said yesterday, I was just like Paul and left for dead and I walked out a miracle!!!!! Folks we serve a loving GOD ALL the time but we just have to learn to listen to him!!

I pray dear Heavenly Father thank you for today, thank you for all of my so many blessing that you have given me Lord, Lord I just pray that all may be touched by my travels and learn to listen to you Lord, Lord I pray that if not all, that at least one may get to know you through all this.

Lord I give all the glory to you Lord!!! I love you and I praise you!! Lord please forgive me where I fail you and in your most precious name I pray AMEN!!!!

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